Parlogis operates two warehouses; a pharmaceutical and healthcare warehouse located at Krókhálsi 14 and a consumer products warehouse at Skútuvogur 3. Around 60 employees are employed at the warehouses.

In Parlogis’ warehouses, the main focus is on precise and high-quality processes and work practices, with service agility as a guiding principle. As a result, the warehouses’ reliability is of the highest standard.

Krókháls 14

Specialized for Pharmaceutical- and healthcare products

Parlogis operates a pharmaceutical and healthcare warehouse at Krókhálsi 14. The warehouse is about 3,000 square meters, with 2,200 pallet spaces and over 4.5 km of picking shelves. From there, more than 500 orders are processed daily for pharmacies, hospitals, health institutions, and various specialists. In the warehouse, work is carried out according to strict standards for handling medicines and medical devices.

3.000 m2

2.200 pallet spaces

more than 500 orders daily

Skútuvogur 3

Specialized for Consumer Products

The warehouse at Skútuvogur 3 is specialized in consumer products. Its size is around 3,200 square meters and over 4,200 pallet spaces. The consumer warehouse mainly houses organic food products, vitamins, and supplements. From there, more than 200 orders are processed per day for pharmacies, supermarkets, and various specialty stores.

3.200 m2

4.200 pallet spaces

Food and supplements