Our Operation

At Parlogis, we strive to maximize customer profitability through excellent logistics service. Our comprehensive product management and logistic services allow sales and marketing companies to focus on their core business, while we handle everything else. Our extensive distribution network and expertise in inventory management enable optimization for both buyers and sellers. Our mission is to specialize in logistic solutions that enable our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.

Together We Form the Lifeline of Health

Ósar is the parent company of both Parlogis and Icepharma. These organizations work collaboratively to serve the healthcare industry and promote individuals’ overall health and well-being. The organizations aim to improve the quality of life for all citizens by supplying high-quality medicine, medical equipment, consumables, and health-enhancing products. Parlogis plays a significant role in this effort through its comprehensive product management and logistical services.

Ósar provides the subsidiaries, Icepharma and Parlogis, with support services in IT, human resources management, financial management, and in relation to integrity and quality work so that the subsidiaries can individually focus on their core activities.

Product management from A to Z

Product management from A to Z

Our Warehouses

Parlogis operates two warehouses; a pharmaceutical and healthcare warehouse located at Krókhálsi 14, Reykjavik, and a consumer products warehouse at Skútuvogur 3, Reykjavik.


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Producs


Consumer Products

Customers with varying requirements.

Parlogis’ service is tailored to the needs of each customer. For example, one type of partnership may include receiving orders from customers, nationwide distribution, and billing. A different kind of cooperation can consist of more extensive services, where Parlogis also offers assistance with inventory management and importing products. Parlogis’ role is, therefore, multifaceted, depending on the activities and needs of the customers.

Quality Management & Certifications

Parlogis is certified by BSI to meet the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. We strongly emphasize the continuous improvement of our quality system, with a focus on documented work processes, employee training, and adherence to GMP and GDP requirements. Additionally, we are proud to have received equal pay certification, and you can find more information about our equal pay policy here.