At Parlogismaintaining high-quality standards is of the utmost importance in all our endeavors. To ensure the effectiveness and quality of our service, we adhere to ISO 9001, GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. As medicines are sensitive items, special procedures are followed during transport and storage to maintain their effectiveness. Additionally, all medicines undergo inspection to ensure they meet the necessary requirements before being approved for distribution within the healthcare system. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and regulatory authorities frequently conduct audits of Parlogis‘ operations. In addition to these external audits, the company also regularly conducts internal audits of its own work processes and those of its partners to ensure compliance and continuous improvement. 


Quality of Service Validated by Annual Surveys and Customer Feedback

Parlogis conducts annual customer service surveys, where an independent marketing company sends questionnaires to pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. For years, the survey results have unequivocally demonstrated that Parlogis provides the health care system with excellent service and reliability.