Social Responsibility

Parlogis’ social responsibility

The name Parlogis is derived from the phrase “Partner in logistics,” which describes the company’s role well. Parlogis offers a comprehensive product management and logistical service within the health and wellness sector and focuses on ambitious work practices, excellent service, and reliability. Parlogis’ social responsibility is of great importance, especially considering that it is responsible for a supply chain of approx. 40% of the pharmaceutical market in Iceland, in addition to the fact that the company is very active in distributing nursing products and medical devices. Parlogis takes its role very seriously and ensures enough safety stock of marketed drugs and medical equipment in the country, which is especially important in times of Covid and the state of war in the world.

700 daily orders

Parlogis has two warehouses in operation. One specializes in medicines and healthcare products to ensure proper storage and processing conditions according to strict requirements. The other specializes in consumer products such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports, and food products. On average, around 700 orders are dispatched daily from Parlogis warehouses to pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, dentists, specialist doctors, and grocery stores, and in most cases, orders are dispatched within 24 hours.

Prioritizing professional work practices above all else

At Parlogis, quality is of the utmost importance in all activities. Therefore, we adhere to ISO 9001, GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to ensure the highest level of care in transporting and storing sensitive medical products. In addition, we conduct thorough receiving inspections on all medicines to guarantee their effectiveness and quality before they are approved for sale and distributed within the healthcare system.

Sustainability report

Ósar’s and its subsidiaries’ Sustainability Report gives a clear view of the operations and the important role that the companies play in society. This is a comprehensive summary of the Group’s diverse projects that support social responsibility and sustainable development.