Our Services

Parlogis handles extensive product management for numerous marketing companies in the healthcare sector and strives to tailor product management solutions to customers wishes at all times. As a result, all Parlogis customers benefit from product hosting, and Parlogis can provide excellent service at all stages of the supply chain, from inventory management to invoicing. By using Parlogis’ product management services, marketing companies can focus on what is most important in their operations, i.e. performing sales and marketing activities as well as customer service. Companies that want to focus on professional customer service, marketina. and promotional work can thus outsource the entire product management process to Parlogis.

Product management from A to Z

Product management from A to Z

The solutions our customers can choose from include the following:

  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing
  • Customs clearance
  • Goods receipt
  • Storage
  • Order management
  • Distribution and collection of invoices.

In addition, various unique solutions are available, e.g., labeling, distribution of brochures, accounting, and IT services.

All Parlogis customers can access sales information directly and thus monitor their products’ sales and inventory status in real time.

Quality of Service Validated by Annual Surveys and Customer Feedback

Parlogis conducts annual customer service surveys, where an independent marketing company sends questionnaires to pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. For years, the survey results have unequivocally demonstrated that Parlogis provides the health care system with excellent service and reliability. 

Our Warehouses

Parlogis operates two warehouses; a pharmaceutical and healthcare warehouse located at Krókhálsi 14, Reykjavik, and a consumer products warehouse at Skútuvogur 3, Reykjavik.


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Producs


Consumer Products